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My Biography

Ashish Sood is Vice President, BJP, Delhi and Municipal Councillor for Ward No. 117, Janakpuri. He is a visionary leader who sows dreams in millions of hearts and helps realize them, he is an architect of the unstoppable growth saga of Janakpuri, serving as its Municipal Councillor.


Photo Gallery of my Event Appearances

Your goodwill and blessings had given me an opportunity to represent Janakpuri about a year back. I have taken this chance to work for Janakpuri with sincerity and determination. Browse through the photo gallery to know about the events I have done in our area if  you have missed it.


Positions I have held throughout my career


  • Birth Of Ashish Sood Ji

  • Elected as Secretary to ARSD College Union

  • Elected as Jt. Secretary DUSU

  • Elected as the President DUSU

  • ABVP Full time worker


  • Elected as Vice President BJYM Delhi

  • General Secretary BJYM Delhi

  • All India Vice President BJYM

  • Secretary BJP Delhi

  • General Secretary BJP Delhi


  • Elected as Municipal Councillor of Janakpuri ward 117

  • Chairman Remunerative Project Cell, SDMC

  • Vice President BJP Delhi

  • Chairman Remunerative Project Cell, SDMC

  • Gen. Secretary BJP Delhi

  • Chairman Education Committee (SDMC)

  • Leader of House (SDMC)

  • Member Standing Committee (SDMC)


My campaigns to fulfill my commitments to the people

पानी  और  सीवर  जन  अदालत

22 जनवरी 2017

नलों में आ रहे गंदे पानी और सड़कों पर बहते सड़े व बदबूदार पानी के साथ ही
जाम व बन्द पड़े सीवरों के खिलाफ शिकायतों के लिए हस्ताक्षर अभियान एवं
पानी और सीवर जन अदालत आयोजित किया गया है|

सरकारी  स्कूलों  में  नाममात्र  शिक्षा

30 जनवरी 2017

आप सरकार द्वारा शिक्षा का स्तर सुधारने के लिये अपने स्कूलों में पेरेंट टीचर मीटिंग आयोजित करना महज छलावा है क्योंकि राजधानी में शिक्षा में पूरी तरह पुनरुद्धार किये जाने की सख्त जरूरत है।


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